We are a marketing company that specializes in outdoor advertising and billboard branding.

Our Services

Our core services include outdoor advertising and billboard branding, which are designed to help businesses increase brand awareness and drive sales through impactful campaigns.


Billboard advertising reaches a wide audience, is cost-effective, can target specific locations, is highly visible and impactful, and provides long-term brand exposure.

Street Pole Advertising

Street Pole Advertising offers High visibility! Street poles are located in high-traffic areas, making it easy for advertisers to reach a large audience.

Building Wrapping

Building wrapping creates a lasting impact on the audience, as the images are on a large surface, making it hard to miss and hard to forget.

About Our Company

Go Big Media is a provider of outdoor media and marketing mediums in South Africa, established in 2006. 

We offer unique and innovative displays for advertisers to reach audiences frequently and effectively. 

We guarantee maximum high impact exposure and value for money, reaching audiences wherever they are. We offer our services to help ensure the success of your advertising campaign.

Client Testimonials

Professional service and advice
Marlene Gronum Wilkens
Friendly, professional & quality service!
Roxanne van Niekerk
Best place to buy and sell
Stephen Sebatana

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26 Jan De Wet Street
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