We are a marketing company that specializes in outdoor advertising and billboard branding.

Our Services

Our core services include outdoor advertising and billboard branding, which are designed to help businesses increase brand awareness and drive sales through impactful campaigns.


Billboard advertising reaches a wide audience, is cost-effective, can target specific locations, is highly visible and impactful, and provides long-term brand exposure.

Street Pole Advertising

Street Pole Advertising offers High visibility! Street poles are located in high-traffic areas, making it easy for advertisers to reach a large audience.

Building Wrapping

Building wrapping creates a lasting impact on the audience, as the images are on a large surface, making it hard to miss and hard to forget.

About Our Company

Go Big Media is a provider of outdoor media and marketing mediums in South Africa, established in 2006. 

We offer unique and innovative displays for advertisers to reach audiences frequently and effectively. 

We guarantee maximum high impact exposure and value for money, reaching audiences wherever they are. We offer our services to help ensure the success of your advertising campaign.

Client Testimonials

PC Re Kaofela
Restaurant Mall
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Professional and dynamic team who maintains excellent relationships with their clients. They consistently deliver high-quality service and innovative outdoor marketing solutions. We appreciate their dedication and the positive impact they have on our business. The leaders in the local outdoor marketing industry..!!
Suhail Jogiat
Royal Boards
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For the past 6 years, I have worked hand in hand with GO BIG MEDIA to assist us with numerous advertising campaigns in Mafikeng. At no time have they failed me, and they have always been on time, making them a reliable partner to us. I can highly recommend their services.
Freddie Angrisano
Build it - South Rand
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I want to thank you for your value contribution to building the Build it brand in Klerksdorp with the signage proposals. For the last year, you have assisted me with putting together packages that I believe have improved our business in the North West Province. Thank you for your loyal support and eagerness to improve our marketing footprint.
GD Engelbrecht
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Over the past four years, we have been serviced by Go Big Media, and in my experience with them, I can confirm that their service and professionalism is unrivalled in their field. It is always a pleasure to do business with them and would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone.
Albert Hurter
Herotel Koshcom
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It’s my pleasure to recommend Go Big Media. I have known them and been doing business with them for over 10 years. They handle all my outdoor advertising and marketing in Klerksdorp. The service and support that we have received is outstanding, and I will always let them be my go-to company for any pole ads or billboards in the North West.
Bianca Henning
EK Construction and General Trading
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We at EK Construction and All General Trading would like to thank you for your great service, Go Big Media. We’ve been your loyal client since 2022 and are extremely satisfied with your work, professionalism, and communication skills. Adelle Barnard and her team at Go Big Media provide exceptional service, attentively listening to customer concerns, and resolving issues efficiently. All at Go Big Media are friendly and great to work with.
Marlene Gronum Wilkens
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Professional service and advice
Roxanne Van Niekerk
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Friendly, professional & quality service!

Contact us

26 Jan De Wet Street
Flamwood, Klerksdorp, 2571


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